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Roof safety systems provided by Tectum Group

In order to ensure safety while undergoing works on the roof, it is necessary to install appropriate safety systems. The selection of a proper system depends on many factors.
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2020 summary

Year 2020 was a special year for everyone. We found ourselves in a completely unknown situation that no one had anticipated. The pandemic has affected and continues to affect us all, but both in our private and professional lives we must overcome the encountered obstacles.
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Roof inspections in fall

Unfortunately the summer season is behind us. Fall has begun and we are now entering a time when rainfall will occur regularly. Is your facility’s roof prepared?
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Green roofs – let’s take care of the future together

Green is a calming and regenerating color. Both in the city and countryside, people like to stay in places surrounded by flora and nature. More often a part of this nature is transferred directly to urban architecture thanks to green roofs.
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Klif House of Fashion

We have recently renovated the roof of the Klif House of Fashion building on Okopowa Street in Warsaw.
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Time for Tri-City – basing on partnership rules

In the beginning there was Dekkers. Under that name we have entered the flat roof market in Poland 15 years ago. Over the years, throughout the implementation of subsequent contracts, we developed, grew in strength and changed. Now, under the Tectum Group brand, we are present in another location.
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