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Varso Place – at the top of Europe

Varso Place is a new icon of the Polish capital, a complex that is being built in the heart of Warsaw – in the immediate surrounding of the Palace of Culture and Science, the Central Railway Station and the Złote Tarasy complex. The project is performed by HB Reavis in cooperation with other companies involved in the construction process, including Tectum Group.

Long-term project

Previously we have described the cooperation with HB Reavis, mentioning the realization of Forest – a green office campus in Warsaw, but before the start of work on the Forest construction site, in 2018, Tectum Group started works on the first stage of the construction of Varso Place. Over time, the scope of our work has increased until now, where we are responsible for roofing works on the highest floors of the highest building in the European Union – Varso Tower.

Varso Place complex

Varso Place includes three skyscrapers in the center of Warsaw, directly connected to the Central Railway Station in which there are offices, a hotel, a shopping and service arcade with restaurants and cafes, as well as a public terrace with a panoramic view of the Warsaw – located twice as high as the terrace at the Palace of Culture and Science. There are 145,000 square meters of space in Varso Place, which is more than 20 football fields.

At the top of Europe

Varso Tower – the highest building in the European Union – was designed by Foster + Partners. The Varso Tower’s height at the end of February reached the target of 310 meters including the spire. Several thousand glass façade panels are also being installed in the skyscraper. The finalization of works is scheduled for the beginning of 2022. After installing a 73-tonne and 80-meter high spire – the Warsaw skyscraper broke the record. Because of it’s height – 310 meters, Varso Tower dominated the ranking of the highest buildings in the European Union, surpassing the existing skyscrapers in Frankfurt, Milan and Paris.

Not only buildings

HB Reavis, as the investor, developer, property manager and general contractor of Varso Place, changes the space around them with the rise of the skyscrapers. Almost 200-meter section of ul. Chmielna gained a more representative appearance. The neighborhood is more comfortable and safer for pedestrians, as well as greener. To facilitate communication in the immediate surrounding of the complex, new pedestrian crossings have been built, parking spaces have been marked out to eliminate parking on the pavement, a new pavement area has been built, new signage and lanterns have been installed.

Logistic challenge

Project Leader on behalf of Tectum Group – Mariusz Filipkowski reveals that from the very beginning the implementation of works was quite a logistical challenge – “From the beginning of my adventure at Tectum Group, I am responsible for the implementation of works at Varso Place. The first visit to the construction site made me realize that in terms of logistics the coordination of all the links in the chain, from procurement through notification, delivery, vertical transport, material handling at the construction site to implementation, will be very demanding, but I was convinced that we would be able to do it together with the team. After more than 2 years of work, I am proud to say that we have coped with this challenge.”

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Work at the highest level

From the Tectum Group executive team point of view, cooperation with the construction management staff of HB Reavis definitely deserves praise. “Most of the time, we had to work not only on the highest skyscraper – Varso Tower, but also on Varso 1 and Varso 2, and each of them had to be treated as separate sites. We must therefore talk here not only about the construction of a spectacular skyscraper, but about 3 construction sites in one place. Coordination of all works on behalf of the investor was and still is at the highest possible level. On our part, we have made every effort to perform our scope as best as possible. We had to perfectly coordinate the entire chain of activities. Here we would also like to thank our suppliers, who were flexible and punctual at the same time, which allowed us to efficiently plan the delivery of materials and then further activities at the construction site. The entire operation was definitely facilitated by our internal fleet of vehicles, which we made a large part of the deliveries, which allowed us to make our activities even more flexible “- adds Tomasz Jaworski, the manager of the Warsaw region at Tectum Group.

Top project

Managing Director of Tectum Group – Piotr Szymczyk points out that an entry in the portfolio of such a project as Varso Place is a great step forward for the entire company – “You can read about Varso Place in the press, on the Internet, hear it on the radio or watch it on TV. It is a spectacular facility, which will soon become a showcase of Warsaw. The fact that the investor has trusted us in this project is very important to us and proves that the works performed by us are of the highest level, just like Varso Tower “.

Please visit varso.com and hbreavis.com/pl/ to find out more.

Source: varso.com and HB Reavis press office

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