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Elektrociepłownia Powiśle – ground-breaking project

We have built a slope roof at the Powiśle Power Plant for many months, but it is difficult for us to forget about it because it was a ground breaking project. The roof of one of the buildings in the Powiśle Power Plant complex was a big challenge for many reasons.

The most important thing is the plan

From the very start of the preparatory process (the second half of 2018), the Tectum Group team knew that this venture would be a challenging one, both for the management and engineering staff as well as the construction and installation workers. The main challange lay in ensuring safety and carrying out demanding roofing works on the top of the building.

dachy blaszane

Safety first

First of all, many hours were spent on decising optimal safety systems. All works at heights were carried out by the workers with the use of safety ropes, among others. It was one of the toughest jobs Tectum Group has had in Poland. It’s complexity consisted of multiple factors, which required the works to be appropriately coordinated. I am proud of my team. With such technologically advanced project, my team completed top-quality works while maintaining all necessary precautions – says Tomasz Jaworski, Regional Manager.

Complexity of the project

In terms of workmanship consisted in applying various technologies depending on a given scope. On flat roofs with ferroconcrete surface, Tectum Group installed a two-layer, water-proof roofing, combined with XPS for thermal insulation, and gravel as a ballast layer.

Main – slope roof, with surface area of 2000m2 and inclination of 36 degrees, was done using an unconventional arrangement of layers. On the steel structure, trapezoidal steel sheets were installed with the use of special tools, followed by sandwich panels for thermal insulation. Finally, the roof was finished with trapezoidal steel in RAL7021 colour. Each sheet was fed directly from a crane, which required high level of work coordination. The difficulty level of the project was additionally increased by weather conditions. We started works on slope roof in late autumn, which did not diminish our enthusiasm for being a part of such a prestigious venture on the map of Warsaw – says Andrzej Barwiński, Site Manager

dachy blaszane
dachy z blachy

Unique elements

One task as difficult as the implementation of the slope roof was the execution of dormers. The arrangement of layers required full formwork, thermal insulation, appropriate separation layers and aluminium sheet. Elements had to be prefabricated before vertical transport. Metal sheets works and drainage gutters were carried out with the use of specially suspended scaffoldings.

The Elektrownia Powiśle is yet another project, which we managed to complete with our long-standing business partner. We were aware of its complexity and prestige; that is why the trust places is us, together with the sense of responsibility, only fuelled our full commitment to the project implementation. I am glad that Tectum Group could be an important link in such an important revitalisation in the landscape of Warsaw. I do hope that Elektrownia Powiśle will be the showcase for the city as well as our company for many years to come – sums up Piotr Szymczyk, Managing Director at Tectum Group Poland.

Od lewej: Tomasz Jaworski (Regional Manager), Piotr Szymczyk (Managing Director), Andrzej Barwiński (Senior Project Leader)

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