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Tectum Group in Poland

We have been providing commercial roofing services in the Polish market for over 15 years. In those years we have established ourselves as a leading expert with the ability to work on numerous styles and systems of roofing using all types of coatings and waterproofing. With Tectum Dekkers, we constructed roofs for industrial, commercial and public buildings. Our division for roof renovation is called Tectum Roofcomfort, so our expertise also spans inspecting, repairing and replacing roofs.

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Looking for a roofing expert for renovation or construction?

New roof construction or renovation, we offer solutions for:

Office buildings

We have completed many roofing installations for office buildings. New roof installation or renovation, each client had specific needs but the main goal always was to provide durable solutions offering protection from harsh weather.



A roof contributes to a feeling of safety and warmth in apartments and homes. Our teams make sure that concerns about the roofing systems are eliminated because we are aware of the many ordeals roofs face on a daily basis.

Public buildings

Public buildings are provided with long-lasting and efficient roofing services. Also museums, cultural centers … count on our expertise. Our process and know-how allow employees and visitors to continue their activities without disruption.    

Hotel & hospitality

It’s crucial to minimize disturbances and noise levels when renovating roofs of hospitality buildings. That’s why our teams are flexible in work hours and project planning. When working on new roofs, a fast execution is mandatory.


We work on roofs from every type of retail space. New roofs, renovation or roof maintenance of supermarkets, shopping malls, car dealers … we provide solutions for durable protection of valuable goods and customers.

Industry & logistics

Factories, warehouses and plants represent many square meters of flat roof and are committed to very ambitious timings. No matter what size or season, our specialists always manage to install large roofs with ease.

Here are some of our latest roofing projects

We take pride in every roofing project we were trusted with, no matter how large or small. New roofs or roof renovations, we install quality roofs.

Varso Place Tectum Group

Varso Place – at the top of Europe

Varso Place is a new icon of the Polish capital, a complex that is being built in the heart of Warsaw – in the immediate surrounding of the Palace of Culture and Science, the Central Railway Station and the Złote Tarasy complex. The project is performed by HB Reavis in cooperation with other companies involved...
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dachy blaszane

Elektrociepłownia Powiśle – ground-breaking project

We have built a slope roof at the Powiśle Power Plant for many months, but it is difficult for us to forget about it because it was a ground breaking project. The roof of one of the buildings in the Powiśle Power Plant complex was a big challenge for many reasons.
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