Komedy Housing Estate – Wroclaw

As part of continuous cooperation with Dom Development group, Tectum Group is carrying out works on the Komedy housing estate in Wroclaw.

Komedy Housing Estate

The housing estate is being built in the Wroclaw’s district of Jagodno, which will ultimately include a total of six buildings. The building’s elevations, decorated in bright colors, are to blend in perfectly with the green surroundings. In order to make the estate green, each building will have a nursery with plants and small architecture, which together with an outdoor gym and a co-working zone, is to make the Komedy estate a place friendly to residents in every sphere of life.

Main advantages

The location is undoubtedly the estate’s advantage. The vicinity of Wroclaw’s city center and easy access to the exit route leading to the A4 motorway is a huge advantage in this area. For non-motorized people, bicycle paths and a dense network of public transport are of value. Shops and other service points will also be available, which will be a great convenience for the residents of the estate and not only.

Tectum Group works

Tectum Group, as the waterproofing contractor, has already performed works under the 1st and 2nd stage of the investment. The scope of work at the completed stages included the performance of insulation works on the roofs along with the installation of smoke dampers, inlets and emergency overflows, as well as patio insulation works with green layers. As of today, we have built a total of over 10,000 sqm of roofing felt, 300 sqm of EPS thermal insulation and 4,000 sqm of drainage into the project, along with the necessary flashings on accompanying elements. In addition to traditional roofs, we have realized nearly 800 sqm of green roofs, thanks to which the investment perfectly blends into the green surroundings, creating a unique atmosphere of the estate. The above numbers are not final as we are currently preparing the implementation of the third stage, the scope of which in addition to the flat roof also includes a steep roof.

Dach balastowany
dach zielony

Representatives of the Tectum Group team in Wroclaw – Regional Manager Magdalena Koper and Project Leader Marek Jurkowski admit that Dom Construction, as the General Contractor of the Investment, cares about timely implementation while maintaining the highest quality standards. Each implementation, regardless of the stage, requires us to work at the highest level. As we know, waterproofing, in particular, does not forgive “shortcomings”, therefore the quality and attention to detail have a major impact on the tightness and thus on the satisfaction of the Ordering Party.

Exemplary cooperation

Magdalena Koper draws attention to the truthfulness of the statements that were made during the implementation of Idylla Housing Estate in 2019 that “the key factor of success is exemplary cooperation between the companies. Competent construction management and work coordination between companies has a fundamental impact on the proper course of implementation. “

Dachy Zielone
budynki mieszkalne

“We launched works on the third stage of the investment, which, according to the local spatial development plan, is slightly different from the previous ones, mainly because it has been extended with a steep roof on the side of Buforowa Street. The project is a challenge for us, but as the Wroclaw team, we are more than happy for receiving the order, because the expansion of services involving steep roofs was our internal, departmental goal set in 2021. “

The works delivered by Tectum Group in the third stage, according to the schedule, will last from January to May 2022.
We would like to thank Dom Construction for the trust and we wish everyone involved in the project a successful implementation!

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