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While new roof construction is our main business, with Roofcomfort we offer services to extend the useful service life of all types of roofs.

A commercial building is a large investment for each building owner. Protecting that investment and ensuring all of the contents and occupants of the building are safe is a main concern.

One of the elements that need to be considered is the condition of the roof. Its performance is affected by wind, rain, snow, frost and even structural movement, making it a very vulnerable part of a building.

Our expertise stretches to flat and sloping roofs of:

  • Factories and plants
  • Supermarkets and shopping malls
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Appartments
  • And many more

Commercial property owners, (multi-) facility managers, maintenance supervisors can rely on our experience for:

Roof maintenance

Roof inspection

Roof repair & renovation

Leak analysis


Roof maintenance:

Preventative maintenance of a roof is essential to ensure roof performance.

This encompasses keeping the roof free of debris. Leaves and dirt for instance can block roof drains which then can’t do what they are supposed to: get the water off the roof. This leads to  ponding water which will damage the roof system. In a worst case, these local ponds of water can cause a roof to collapse. All types of moss and algae should be removed also since they impact the condition of the roof

Roof inspection:

Regular roof inspection allows to discover problems before they turn into costly interventions. This analysis helps to find holes, punctures, worn seams or blisters in the membranes of flat roofs. On sloped roofs the shingles and tiles will be checked for chips or cracks and metal roofs will be inspected on corrosion and water-tightness. Our team pays special attention to chimneys, air-conditioning, vents and such since these may be the source of what is considered a roof leak.

Roof repair & renovation:

Roof inspections should be followed by a preventative roof repair. The defects discovered during the inspection will be repaired and the risk of moisture entering the roof system or, even worse, the building, is stopped.

Sometimes however, it is required to demolish the older roof and build a new one. Our experts will deliver quality solutions that won’t disrupt your day-to-day business operations.

Leak analysis:

When the outside of the roof is not regularly maintained, interior and structural damage can occur. Especially when sloped roofs are involved, it’s not easy to detect the exact location of the damage caused by leaks since the source of the leak is not always directly related to the visible damage. Our specialists inspect the complete roof system, rafter and roof trusses in the most non-destructive way to trace back the source of the leak. And of course, they’ll repair the cause.


Damage after extreme weather like (hail)storm, snowfall, heavy rain and other should be repaired as soon as possible. Also when a burglary via the roof has caused serious damage, our team will be able to repair the roof system.


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