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It’s time for Krakow!

After Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdańsk, Kraków is the next city where Tectum Group opens its office. The construction investment market in the Małopolska region is developing very dynamically. Moreover, Krakow is the second largest city in Poland in terms of area and population, so opening an office there is a natural step in the company’s development.

It’s time for Krakow!

The success of opening an office in Wrocław in 2018 and Gdańsk in 2020 meant that we decided to take the next step in our development and launch the Tectum Group office in Krakow! Thanks to this move, we will be able to comprehensively service customers from the south of Poland. Krakow, as the second biggest city in Poland after Warsaw in terms of area and number of inhabitants, is one of the most interesting markets in the country when it comes to construction investments.

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Comprehensive roofing services

In Krakow, the same as in other cities, Tectum Group will provide comprehensive roofing services in all possible flat roof technologies, both for newly constructed projects and renovations.

New Region – new hopes

Piotr Szymczyk, Managing Director of Tectum Group in Poland, has great hopes with the Krakow office:

Krakow is a beautiful city. I am very happy that we have our office in this historic city for Poland. The current economic situation in the pandemic era is not perfect, but we are still following the path that was precisely outlined many years ago – a path that aims at continuous development, expanding the territorial scope of services provided, expanding the technological scope of works, increasing the number of our team members – both construction and office workers. We are constantly establishing new business contacts which, over time, turn into truly partnership relations between companies. I am talking here about both customers and suppliers, subcontractors and other entities. We are glad that soon, coming to Krakow, whether privately or professionally, I will be aware that the roofs in this city are also our merit.


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Jarosław Adamski – Business Development Manager

The person responsible for the office in Krakow will be Jarosław Adamski. The Małopolska market is very well known to him. After over 20 years of work he has acquired knowledge and experience, both in large foreign concerns and smaller family construction companies dealing in the production and sale of building materials.

Jarosław notes that Małopolska is a region open to new investments, which are implemented according to innovative projects which take into account the latest technologies.

Hard and persistent work, intense pursuit of the goal, determination and faith in achieving success – those things, according to Jarosław, are the recipe for the success of Tectum Group in Krakow.

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