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Roof inspections in fall

Unfortunately the summer season is behind us. Fall has begun and we are now entering a time when rainfall will occur regularly. Is your facility’s roof prepared?

Thanks to the Roofcomfort department, Tectum Group can execute a roof inspection during which it will be possible to detect potential problems at an early stage. Undergoing a comprehensive inspection of the roofing – followed by a detailed technical report underlining the detected defects and faults – will allow you to quickly eliminate any problems.

ROOFCOMFORT offers services in the field of

Roof repairs

Roof inspection

Roof repairs and renovation

Leak analysis


We carry out comprehensive roofing repairs in different systems

Carrying out regular inspections of the roof enables to detect potential problems at an early stage

After the roof is inspected, its preventive repair should be carried out. We repair defects found during the inspection

Our specialists carry out comprehensive inspections of the roofing system. After determining the cause, they remove it.

We offer roof repairs of damages caused by extreme weather conditions.


Roof maintenance is a very important for many reasons. Ongoing supervision of the roofs condition allows early threat detection, which minimizes the risk of damages and eventually the costs of repairs.

Every day your roof is exposed to many factors that may damage it. Please remember that only regular verification of its condition will allow you to avoid serious damages and, at the same time, costly repairs.

Does Your roof need us?

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