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Forest – green office campus in Warsaw

Since the beginning of 2020, Tectum Group has the opportunity to cooperate with HB Reavis in the construction process of the office campus called Forest, located at Burakowska 14 Street in Warsaw. It is a remarkable investment which goal is to create a workplace that will provide users with healthy and creative working conditions.

What is Forest?

The entire campus is located on an two hectares area in the vicinity of Rondo Radosława. It consists of a 120-meter high skyscraper and adjacent buildings ranging from 6 to 8 storeys. As the name Forest suggests, the whole area will be rich in flora, thanks to which users will have a convenient place to rest. However, this area will be intended not only for the building’s personel – local residents will be able to enjoy the charms of a place allowing them to feel close to nature in the middle of the city. The entire development, seen from above, will resemble the letter C. The Forest will contain approximately 78,000 sq m. of space for rent, in addition to offices – also restaurants, cafes and service premises on the ground floors. The facility is scheduled to be fully completed at the beginning of 2022, i.e. in just a few months.

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Continuation of cooperation

The history of cooperation between Tectum Group and HB Reavis dates back to 2015 and the West Station project. Professionalism combined with high quality of work meant that we were trusted once again and currently working together on two projects – the spectacular Varso Place and the remarkable Forest campus.

Scope of work

Initially in the Forest project our task was to perform waterproofing and thermal insulation works at the patio level – extruded polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation was used and waterproofing made of a bituminous membrane in two layers, which is a traditional and proven solution. As time passed and the construction progressed, we also became responsible for the roof insulation.

dachy płaskie wykonawstwo

The projects meaning

We treat each project individually and implement it with impeccable care. The Forest project is of particular importance to us due to the characteristics and purpose of the facility. A green office campus almost in the middle of the city? After all, it is not something that is common, which is why we are delighted to be part of this project.

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