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Roof safety systems provided by Tectum Group

In order to ensure safety while undergoing works on the roof, it is necessary to install appropriate safety systems. The selection of a proper system depends on many factors.

Regardless of the type of roof, the degree of inclination, the material used and its intended purpose, each roof should be equipped with appropriate safety systems that will allow to perform a number of activities aimed at maintaining it’s proper condition.

Starting from the early construction stage, it is obligatory that activities carried out on the roof are executed in safe conditions. The same with commissioned roofs – in that case, in order to maintain the appropriate quality of the roofing, activities such as periodic inspections, running repairs or comprehensive renovations should be performed regularly.

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Each employee performing works on the roof should be equipped with personal safety equipment, which in combination with the safety system installed on the roof, allows to undergo safe works.

Designing and installing an appropriate safety and security system on the roof is necessary because it has a significant impact on the health and life of people staying on the roof.

On flat roofs with a low inclination angle, the fall protection system is primarily intended to protect people standing near the roofs edge. Both comprehensive systems and individual belay points are used. A harnessed worker can safely move across the roof by attaching to an anchor point or a steel rope that is part of the system.


Punkt asekuracyjny

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Point system

The point system consists of belaying (anchoring) points. Points, also known as posts, offered by Tectum Group have different characteristics and application, but all meet the safety requirements. The points are mounted in predetermined places, which are usually near the edge of the roof, skylight or other places where there is a risk of falling from a height. Worker equipped with appropriate means can safely carry out works on the roof after fastening himself to the post.

System liniowy

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Rope system

The usage of a rope safety system is advantageous primarily due to the fact that when performing works on the roof the worker has a much greater freedom of movement on its surface. A properly designed and implemented system allows the worker to access almost all places on the roof, without the need to re-pin.

System asekuracji


A very popular solution on low-pitched roofs are safety railings. The usage of such solution is very advantageous because manufacturers more and more often offer systems that work on the basis of a counterbalance, so there is no need to interfere with the roof layers. It is also an aesthetic solution, so has a protective function without adversely affecting the appearance of the building.

Safety nets

When performing works on newly constructed buildings, as well as while renovating existing buildings, the usage of temporary safety nets allows for safe actions on the roof. One of the greatest advantages of this solution is that it does not interfere with the building structure, but only uses the existing structural elements of the building to install the netting.

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