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Roof renovations also in Lower Silesian

In order to expand our offer in Lower Silesian, we offer customers services regarding existing roofing. We are just starting another renovation project.

Essential experience

Tectum Group in Wroclaw is not only new projects. Using the experience gained in Warsaw, we can offer our clients in the region of Lower Silesia Roofcomfort services for existing roofs. These services include renovations, inspections, repairs, analyzes and interventions.
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Roof renovation using roofing membrane

The current project consists in carrying out a comprehensive renovation of the roof using roofing membrane on a multi-family residential building in Wrocław. The total roof area is over 1700m2!
Before winter we will restore the waterproofness of the covering - we will start the works with minor repairs required by the current roofing, then we will use primer on the entire surface and use the renovation roofing with all vertical elements. This will also improve the appearance of the cover.
We will also replace ventilation chimneys to the new ones, repair masonry chimneys and repaint the ladders for the technical room. In one word - comprehensive service!
For the comfort of the building owners and its residents, we provide a 60-month warranty on our works. Thanks to this, everyone can sleep peacefully.
After finishing work in the "portfolio" tab you will be able to see the effects of our activities.

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