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Powisle Powerplant: Full of Energy again

To bring a place that once was full of energy back to life, that’s the ambition of real estate investor White Star. The abandoned powerplant of Powisle next to the Wisla river will become one of the most extraordinary locations in the Polish capital Warsaw. Tectum Group Poland will participate in this innovative project and will exhibit their technical knowledge to the fullest.

Modern in 1904, and now again

In 1904 the Powisle powerplant was considered to be one of the largest and most modern in Europe. Warsaw and surroundings were provided with electricity. During the second WW, the infrastructure was severly damaged but already in 1945 it was working at full capacity again. In 1955 the plant was extended to also provide the newest symbol of the city, the Palace of Culture, with electricity. After almost 100 years, in 2001 al activity came to an era of decay had begun. But in 2015 new plans were made. The complete site will rise again. Thanks to White Star Real Estate, Powisle will shine again. Not as a powerplant but as a new place-to-be with shops, offices, homes and restaurants. A unique atmosphere will be created with a pinch of nostalgia but with above all modern architecture.

Not the first assignment

Our colleagues will take care of the iconic boiler room and one of the modern buildings. “Earlier this year we worked directly for White Star and now we got the chance to work on this prestigious project. This time though as a subcontractor for PORR, who takes care of the complete project,” tells Piotr Szymczyk, general director of Tectum Group Poland. Also project manager Tomasz Jaworski is impressed by the project. “The roof of the modern building is business as usual to us, but the historical boilerroom is really something to show our experience to the fullest,” Tomasz explains

Up to the skeleton

The roof will be completely stripped up to the iron truss and will be rebuilt with a complete steel roof system. Projectleader Andrzej Barwinski is aware of the uniqueness of this project. “One just has to look at the roof, to already see it. The challenge is mainly in the architectural construction of the roof. First, there is the degree of slope, which is rather steep with different levels and requires the highest level of concentration of our people. Not only the finishing, but also safety, lifelines and harnesses are indispensable.” Andrzej explains.

Steep, steeper, steepest

There are quite some remarkable elements in the roof design, like semi-circular dormers and other constructions. The finishing of the details, the transition of a steep part to an even steeper section and the connection between the semi-circular elements are challenging.

Later this year

We witness daily how this project progresses and I’m convinced this will become the place-to-be in Warsaw. I’m looking forward to visit this place later this year in my free time. I’ll look to the roof with pride and will realize that we did this”, Tomasz predicts. Piotr and Andrezj both nod approvingly.

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