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The Warsaw HUB

A lot is going on in Warsaw’s Wola district. A spectacular building complex – The Warsaw HUB – is being built in The Daszyński Roundabout area near Warsaw Spire.

Warsaw’s Wola is the most dynamically developing district of the capital. Over the past few years the most spectacular buildings have been developed in this area. Alongside Warsaw Spire which has already become an icon,  the Warsaw Hub is being developed. This most modern office complex offers approximately 113,000 sqm of floor space.

Tectum Group is pleased to be part of this project from the very beginning. As the only contractor of waterproofing layers, we have insulated 40,000 sqm of the structure. The entire top floors were covered with 300 cubic meters of gravel, ensuring not only adequate roof coverage in the BROOF (t1) fire resistance class, but also effectively reducing the roof heating temperature and the amount of CO2 emission which directly contributes to reducing the urban heat island effect.

During the construction process we have used over 4000 cubic meters of thermal insulation. Our work was carried out simultaneously on several floors, which was often a logistical and technical challenge. In the key phase of the process, over 30 qualified roofers, tinners and other company staff members were directly involved in execution, supervision and coordination. 

Besides waterproofing delivery, our experienced staff provided technological support enabling the solution of many complicated aspects at the early design stage.

dachy ekologiczne

For our company The Warsaw HUB project is not only about waterproofing. We were able to design and deliver green roofs – both extensive and intensive, resulting in two green roofs with a total area of 800 m2 located on the building’s connectors. Extensive green is mainly sedum mats while intensive green are decorative grasses and perennials. These roofs will constitute to a future leisure zone for the employees of the complex.

We have participated in the project for over 2 years. At present, our work is over. We can only wish a quick, successful building acceptance and many prestigious awards because the project is unique.

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